I Am Academy, A Hope Online Learning Center

About Us

Who we are and what we provide!

Hope Online was founded in 2005 and currently serves 2,400 Colorado students. 

I AM Academy, is a Learning Center of Hope Online Learning Academy Co-Op, which is a K-12 public school that:


  • Is certified by the Colorado Department of Education through Douglas County School District.
  • Provides highly qualified teachers, an accredited educational programs, including standards-based online curriculum as well as common core Language Arts and Mathematics curriculum  software, and computer hardware.
  • Focuses on enrollment of children attending a neighborhood public school that has been rated, in one of the previous 3 years, as 'low' or 'unsatisfactory'.
  • As a public school, receives the minimum per pupil revenue (PPR) from the state.                                                                                                           

I AM Academy Contract:

I AM Academy Learning Center Agrees to Provide Students:

  • A safe and supervised learning environment
  • Access to proven, standards-based online and offline curriculum
  • An average mentor-to-student ratio of 1:18, &
  • High-speed Internet access                                            

Student Safety

I AM Academy makes student safety the highest priority!

  • Hope Online Learning Centers require background checks for all Learning Center personnel.
  • Hope Online Learning Centers obtain facility approval from the local fire department.  
  • Hope Online Learning Centers require Safety plans to be well rehearsed in case of an emergency. 

Learning Specialist

To provide the student learning success, I AM Academy provides Learning Specialists.                  

  • Learning Specialists advise Teachers and Mentors on student learning strategies.
  • Learning Specialists coordinate a team of school psychologists, therapists and nurses to serve students.

Certified Mentors

Mentors supervise and provide in-person support to students.