I Am Academy, A Hope Online Learning Center

Our Mission Statement


"Empowering the

Next Generation with

Knowledge, Vision,

Wisdom and Hope!"


Paul Schell 

                                                    Owner and founder of I AM Academy  





Standards of Excellence

I AM Academy is committed to helping students learn, achieve, and graduate.



  • Individualized learning plans allow students to build upon mastered skills and knowledge.
  • Frequently measured academic progress is consistent with local, state, and federal standards.
  • Student participation in the Colorado Student Assessment Program (PARCC) ensures accountability, for academic achievement through analysis of longitudinal growth.



  • Curriculum meets or exceeds the Colorado Model Content Standards for all grades and subjects.
  • Curriculum includes online lessons accompanied by offline activities for comprehensive learning.
  • Compass Learning and A+ are both recognized industry leaders in online curriculum development.


  • Hope Online Teachers are licensed by the Colorado Department of Education and satisfy the highly qualified requirements of No Child Left Behind (NCLB).


  • Teacher development and training are coordinated with the Douglas County School District.
  • Online curriculum training is provided throughout the school year.